to honor this award, i want to thank my family for all the supports.
my C who always there for me, my friends who always supports me and my craft friends who being such a great friends in sharing crafts. this award is for me and everyone.

tehee.. konon2 cm emmy award winners la plak kn haha. akibat awards ni pon cm dh berhabuk sket. (sowi kak mas. br de mase nk wat. pdhl~~). so here it is:


Terma & Syarat Untuk Penerima Award Ini.

1. Letakkan logo award ini di blog anda.

2. Anugerahkan award ini kepada 10 Blog yang anda anggap paling berinspirasi dan sangat mesra.

3. Pastikan anda menyatakan penghargaan ini melalui ‘backlink’ dengan blog yang anda anggap paling memberikan inspirasi dan mesra dari blog anda

4. Informasikan penerima award mengenai award yang mereka terima dengan menyatakan komen di blog mereka.

5. Berbagi cinta dan sayang untuk penghargaan ini kepada pemberi anugerah ini.

I would like to give this award to (10 je.. payah ni~aih~)

1) shambie-i’ve known her since last 2years and to be honest she inspire me to sew something extremely well and do it will love..and professional but with quality thanks shambie!

2)shanty&soomi– my best booth partner ever! i love you guys and i enjoy everytime!

3)polkadotteboutique aka dynat– my best friend and she sewing too!. we support each other and i still love u

4)kak mas– hee thanks for the award! and kak mas is the best. great talent and she always visit my blog. wee

5)mangosteen-my stamp making sifoo! hee i look up at her as she is sooo talented in making stamp. wee

6)sewnbyalviana– she makes her own clothes!enough said. hehe

7)lilstitchy– wee one of my first craft friend. for her, i know lots of others too!

8)jajakraf– one of my inspiration and sifoo in sewing. she makes great boxes too!

9)craftyartzonekak maya, i stumble upon you while searching for craft shop in malaysia and been stalking her since hehe.

10)kak zila– she is so nice and friendly. and i love her craft supplies! tehee