wee continuing to

2) pipit wonderful market!

this is also considered as one hell of idea because it only a week after wuhuu09 and only a week left to sew everything again! but i somehow managed to make it all done in time haha and of course a row of sleepless night but a big no no to skipping class though(eyh i did went to class oke) and i also done making packaging (i sew up my packaging too!) and WBL stand name (fuh~ sewing the shape of letters was a pain~~) and table cover. and i’m very productive because i’ve done 9cecila organizer, 5 felicia organizer and 9 lena wirstlet left. i thought i should make more but i think for a week it was magic! haha i’m so excited because:

1) my first time join handmade market
2) my first time having event on air-conditioner place (wee i love this)
3) C willing to help me that day yeh!
4) i can meet supernab and myra
5) we able to set up and design our own booth

heee so i woke up quite early although C the one who woke me up. then get ready and loading up everything to my car. i ask C to help me making some sort exhibition shelf out of box. and we’re one of early birds reaching Times square, wee while waiting for soomy and shanty to arrived with other stuffs, i start chatting with my booth neighbour haha and do some camwhoring from my phone with C. then soomy came and we start setting up everything..we’re too afraid we might not have enough items but turns out, our stuffs was LOTS! haha and we have sooo many colorful things on the booth. I’m proud with our set up although i thought it quite a mess haha but its cute, aite?Times square are fun! i met variety kind of people.. new customers and some even come all the way just to get my cecilia. thank you Boo! and joyce! the crowds was quite okay although i expected much more because its happen in times square but i guess level7 is to high to climb up ahahaha we have blast! i even met some group of indonesian who bought cecilia and felicia organizer. and a couple who bought cecilia and felicia organizer. and 1 customer who bought 2 cecilia organizer. wow! really. a big thanks! for all the supports and love on my products.. i could be this proud if not because all of you.there are too many talented crafter on the day too.. there are
1) evangoline who makes a divine masterpiece- audrey dolls and miniatures!
2)i can’t remembered the shop name but HE sells his handmade crochet. yes he is a man haha he is so cool!,
3)freshmute, they make screen painting bags. and also my neighbour. i should bought one of the bag haha
4) one booth selling all the lamp shades. anne mesti suke ni haha
5) there are also t-shirt from wonderkitten
6) one booth making sock dolls! cute!
7) of course, myra with myrasneque. she sells all by herself.. poor her
8) more plushies from most of the booth
9)also some preloved clothes from supernab (i miss your doodles tees and plushies)
10) i can’t remembered others but all handmade crafter are cool!

at 7pm, we start packing up our stuff. it is weird but most of shop at times square also closed and the theme park even stop moving.. hee i do hope there will be more wonderful market soon! or maybe everymonth.. this will be fun! i’m sure will make more stuffs especially mescha wallets and more! weeee can’t wait! mike and ivery, thanks for organizing this event! you guys are the coolest!

i end up buying other handmade too! a phone chain from evangoline and a knitted planted leaf from the guy who can do knitting (err jealousnye!)

to soomy and shanty,
thank you!! you both are the best booth partner ever! i hope we will join more booth together wee

to C,
thank you dearest to be such a big helper for that day and everyday heee.