so as my period pain is killing me right now and i’m only rolling around on the bed in now, i have sometime to update my promises i’ll give you my report on wuhuu09 and pipit wonderful market. ngee
i warning you guys, it will be long.. haha


i still think this one of crazy ideas! haha but it is hell of fun! after weeks of planning (Well actually only a week) with soomy and shanty. we’re planning to went off on friday night. on the friday, i still trying to sew up as many as i can (last minute le ni!) and i managed to make 4 felicia organizer, 5 cecilia organizer and 14 lena wristlet. fuh~ so on the day, C send me off to KTM serdang as my car can’t travel far (due to my careless and mistake. no i should not tell you. its too bad). my experience on riding KTM from serdang to sg. buloh was horrible! yes i did ride KTM before and yes i did stuck in cram people before but oh boy! that day was never EVER i imagined. the people was crazy! and i hear shouting here and there and sweat all over me and people cramping like hell! with all the baggage i hold with, i second my thoughts in riding KTM next time haha then soomy and shanty fetching me from there after waiting for awhile. then whoosh! we’re driving to IPOH babe!!! hee arriving at 12am++ to soomy’s ateh house. well we have fun with 3 little naughty stooges of ateh. they are all very hyperactive and super duper cute! and of course the littlest are always capturing my attentions. ok zoom to next day, we woke up at 9am and thinking we’re late because the event start on 10am but when we’re there. blergh~ the organizer not even there! cis. so we end up going to pasar tani beside the event place then went back to event place around 12pm (itu pon organizer baru terhegeh2 nk setup) and after 2, the crowds beginning to come. i met lots of new people a long the way and met new enthusiastic customer who compliments my handmade so many times and do bought some! oh my! i could never ever thank you all enough. thank you!! and on the night.. guess who? MUH perfom!! and we have 2 free tickets, uols~~ so me and soomy (she is die hard fan to lan) went in to the gigs and me bragging with shanty’s canon DSLR. we have fun! despite all the kicking and shoulder pushing from MUH fans. seriously, the audiences are craze!!! manage to get few great shots (according to shanty, its consider as masterpiece for newbies. haha perasan dah sendiri). so the next day, we’re planning going a bit late around 12pm. crowds not much like the 1st but there are some customers who keep coming back to our booth. some of them even make our booth as their pit stop and we’re sharing stories, fun and laughter. well other than selling our items, making new friends are fun. after 5, the crowds keep decreasing so we end up camwhoring with other sellers haha at 9pm we whooshing back to home!!!

yes, we have a blast day! and sales went very well. more than expected. hee and thanks to especially anis from butang clothing! she was the greatest. she bought my items and she also promoted to her friends. much much love for you! i also brought stuffs to home: 1 tees for C, 1 tees for judin (end up it goes to C), i tees for me and some jambu air for family. hee


wee i still haven’t got all pixies. heee