5 month since my last shopping/online shopping. nope, i’m not kidding you. i certainly make my promise to stop online shopping. blame economy turndown make me lost appetite to shop. plus my sewing hobbies make me think i can do everything by my own (like sew my own clothes?, yeah right) but this is exception. i used to love wearing sneakers before croc primavera.. i have cool-limited-converse and new-new-balance shoes crave me to slip in them.. wee i shud start wearing it back. oh back to my real topic. it is just a simple request. buy me any of this shoes and i’ll love you all my life hehe and maybe some cupcakes?

t onitsuka tiger mini cooper

y puma x sergi rossi

0 rene lacoste shoes

c, if u buy me one of the shoes. i promise on your birthday this: