fuh~~ after 2weeks of sleepless nights and struggle for exam. finally its holiday!! i only have a week for holiday and 8th june i’ll be busy with internship. i’m not sure if i can sew after working.. but i shall try haha.. oh! i miss sewing so much. after my last paper yesterday, i kept remembering my sewing machine (i should give the name for the machine) and can’t wait to start! but i need to settle some stuff first. my room extremely messy! so i need to start clean up. not to mention i have 2 swaps i haven’t done (>_<) sorry kak liza and kak mas and thank you for patiently waiting. heee and 1 custom order for make up bag. and of course many of new products need to be done before 27th! haih~~

so guys! its good to be back!:)