have i told you about my history with cats? i think i did post up some about me having 10cats and all died apparently. haha so i’m not really a good catkeeper or even petkeeper haha. so i found this 2cute kittens at the back of my kitchen. i was surprised because it was my 1st time saw them. and they’re both cute and bit fluffy (agk berisi beb). i try to catch them but they run even faster. haha so i think its better for both kitten to have their own home.. someone to adopt them. i don’t think my mom will take care of them as we grew allergies to cats. so next time i meet them i’ll try to take the picture. so you can see how adorable they are and maybe adopt them?. pls help me giving a great home. such a waste to let some cute kittens being not cute anymore. any cat lovers?? 🙂

update: finally get capture some pixies. but still not clear enough to show the justice how cute they are. they keep running from me. so i can only bait them with food and take some pixies. even that, they still running away haih~ oh actually, they’re 3 haha will try again later when they’re sleeping haha