i always find it is hard to find beautiful fabric design especially in malaysia and most of your fav will be sold out!. so why not making your own fabrics ! wee i’ll show you how with pictures!

things you needs:

1) scissor
2) A4 size fabrics (preferably cottons or linen)
3) A4 size sticker paper
4) inkjet printer
5) your choice of design


how to:

1) make sure your design in a4 size. you can edit it in any software you know.
i used design from triciarennea

2) iron your fabrics and make sure its wrinkle-free. use sticker paper and carefully stick at the back of your fabrics.

3) cut any excess fabrics. ( the fabric must cut to a4 size so it can fit in printer feeder)

4) put the fabric into the printer feeder in correct side. (try using paper to know which side of paper it prints)

5) print!!

6) let the ink dried or use hair dryer if you just can’t wait to use it.

7) carefully pull the sticker from the fabrics.

8 ) iron your fabrics to make it less faded easily.

9) make any crafts you want to show off your DIY
fabrics! (note: remember this fabrics is not washable!)
i made boxy pouch small size and i layered the fabric with adhesive film so it not stains easily heee:P

happy trying!!