i rarely talk about my life in the blog. reasons: i just not really a person who can tell you my story except you’re in front of me than you can hear me ranting about my life endlessly haha!. nevertheless,

1) i start internship on 8th june at TM training centre, jln semarak so i’m trying to adjust my time with working environments. i woke up at 6am and reached office by 730am.i spent roughly rm20 per day using MEX highway hahaha i rather spent more than heading myself to endlessly-crazy-traffic jam in KL. if you’ve been in it, you know how bad it is.

2) due to internship i still try to manage my craft-timetable. mostly i’ve been shot to sleep by night haha working in tiresome sometime. so for my customer, i terribly sorry. i know i should do better.

3) add up to that, i flunk my paper (pela! paper ssh pass lak!) so i need to trade my nighty-nite to study-nite! darn~~ now i need to double my efforts in crafting. adoi! wish me luck and pls pls no more supp!

4) and.. because i still new in KL area.. i lost twice! on my 1st day and can’t found petrol station plus traffic jam which cause me reached home at 9pm! haha

5) BIG thanks to my superdad (definitely need to buy father day gift!) to help me through difficulties when

– last wednesday, i accidentally left my CARKEY in the car and just realized after 5pm (nk blk baru perasan! cis! skin~~~) and he, my superdad! whooshing away to KL from kajang to be my hero. haha

– yesterday, my car’s battery went dies out~~ i’m not sure why. i did make sure all necessary is off.. (light off- check!, aircond off-check!, radio off-no radio, key in my purse- check check!, lock all doors- check!) so its not my faults. so my superdad again, zooming to KL from kepong, amazingly fast! (20mins) to save me! haha (thanks to namie and friends for trying to help)

lesson learned:

1) pls skin go out early! (last thursday i reached to office at 830am sharp!- not a good example for interns)

2) pls pls check your key and your car before you left it

3) finish all customer orders fast!

4) go study la~

ps: lalala i told ya i’m talkative one actually haha! gotcha!
pss: should i or should i not have a post about interns eh?