i’m not really so called hardcore-sewer (adeke ayt neh?). i’m newbies in sewing.. if you read my blog you may know when do i start this madness. haha but why do i start sewing? holding there, this might be long..

I’m known as brutal-tomboy-punkrock girl among my friends. they said, there are no girly-lady-attitude in me (Which i totally agreed. blame thought-i’m boy while i grow up and environment haha!) so if you know me back when i’m a teen. i know nothing about baking, cooking, and sewing except that i widely know as art-lovers.. i love to draw and make something out of papers, making greeting cards, presents.. and coloring.

then somehow, out of nowhere i start fall in love in baking (i remembered C teasing me about i know no cooking haha) and start making muffins, cookies, cupcakes and cakes. then i start to improve my skills in cooking (moving from maggie and telur goreng) and i cooked spagetti most of time (which loathed C for quite sometime haha). later when dynat start sewing, its kinda inspire me to try on.. and when my mom pass me her sewing machine, the sewing-fire start to struck me! so i kept sewing and knowing some craft friends. and my mom encourages me to sell some my stuffs.. that how i start business and still try to learn about selling my craftmades.

i think this is how i try to show people a girl side of me.. trying to preserve the idea that i’m still a lady despite of my brutality haha so people, don’t stereotype people who is brutal don’t know how to be a lady. they just need time to grow up. ngehehe take me as the proof. haha

ps: i know how much i try to be a girly person.. like wear heels, dress or lady apparels, trying to be fashionable, know some basic sewing, baking and cooking.. i still a punkrock inside hahha

pss: to alvi, this is my side of story:). do share yours too!