been busy sewing for this weekend bazaar. there so many things need to be done and so little time. minus, internship limiting my sewing period.. haih~ i felt like wanting to bring my sewing machine with me haha then i can sew up during free time in office. hhaha *slapping myself* mane leh bawak sewing machine g opis! ish~~~


here another giveaway to win handmade bag!


you not only can win this bag, but you naming the bag! how cool is that? i choose… to rename as droplet of happiness because… it will make me happy if i win! haha i could bring this new fab bag to show off to my office mate. yeh yeh! harap2 menang ngee

giveaway checklist:

# You must be a follower of my shop. (done)
# Make an entry of this bag in your blog (almost done)
# Paste any photos of this bag in your entry (done)
# Give a nice name to the bag, I will use this name as one of the label in my blog (hmmm…. ape yeh??)
# Write a short story why you should own this bag
# Lastly leave a comment in my shop on this giveaway entry and provide the link to your blog on this bag entry.