too much events occured in past few weeks. not to mention.. crazy business to finish making product before the market. juggle myself with crafting, working, label making, lino spree, laptop problems and some health problems. aiyark~~ i should manage my time better.

my lappy, has been broken.. and need to send to HP service center.. due to driver or hardware probs.. so i need to break from label making for awhile. (except kak mas/ via. i’ll done yours:) ). and last two days, my right eye get infected and forced me to stay at home. i plan to continue sewing but i doze in dreams after took medicine. then yesterday, i spent my time with C and bought some fabrics near my home.

I haven’t go to buy lino for lino spree.. due to my health. if any of the buyers want to back out. i totally understand and i will fully refund all the money.hee if they willing to wait, i will try my best to buy it by next week.

last market on urbanscape was great. will be updates soon! but i don’t satisfied with my products.. due to my negligences. i’m futher sorry for that. luckily for pipit’s, ira my GGF willing to give me a help in sewing and planning to sell her homemade baking too!! delicious brownies, muffins and cupcakes to come!!!

this weekend will be busy for me.. Pipit’s will be on sat and C’s birthday on sunday! i haven’t done preparation for both! still thinking what should i make for his birthday. another choco cake?? or layered choco and vanilla? haha

i’m thinking to take a break for awhile from bazaar and WBL after the pipit’s. but i will still open for any leftovers though.

till then..