i deserve a pinch. i know~ for being so recklessly and ignoring this blog. okay you can pinch me.just a bit haha

i don’t do much crafting for weekend. apart from finishing most of orders. thank you guys! for being such a supportive!and i have a good news for fabric label! i’d just experimenting using a ribbon for the fabric label.. some of you guys asked me before. so i’ll start selling it this week. will be post details at WBL!

last friday, i went to Cotton patch. for the 1st time! haha! I always want to go there.. plus my super duper close with office. so while men busy with their ‘Jumaat’, I… go there! weee and go ‘sesat’ haha making a circle for few times then finally found that the shop was the other side. cis!

the place was superb! so many quilt fabrics! too many to choose from..  i was looking all the fabrics like i was in the muzium. the downside was.. no money left- so no shopping craft for me. i end up buying no-sew snap closure which forever me to find. so new new wallets will be attach with it! plus there are another 2 packages i ordered from kak zila tp lom bayar lg.. haha

last week i received the pattern i won from Alviana. yeah babe! i won! haha i never thought the story i shared was her fav. ngehehe thanks alvi for being soooo generous!! i can’t wait to make it then i’ll post it here!

i still in hunting mode for masculine-kind of fabric. i know most of men customer love cecilia organizer.. hmm.. no worries k! i’ll try to find!

till then~~