1) learn how to sew my own clothes..

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about making my own clothes or at least do some revamp/upcycle my old clothes. at least i can make something i like to wear and fit me. plus, i can save more money to buy other stuff like buy the fabrics, books, craft supplies haha so with full determination! i want to try revamp my old clothes this weekend! heee.. i hope its not just dream~ haha can’t wait to sew using alvi’s giveaway pattern. i need to learn how to sew all the seams first ngee

2) learn how to knit or crochet

my dad used to know how to crochet (mom told me ha!). but he said he had long forgotten it. so i need to my GURU then i can knit my own cardigan or my own beanies hehe i’m torn between register myself to knitting/crochet class or just learn from C’s mom (according to C his mom know how to crochet). maybe i should learn with C’s mom. save more money, kn?

or anybody so kind to teach me? *batting eyelashes*

3) expert in cooking

yada yada yada~ i’m not really a good cook. haha i used online recipe to cook. i used to i print out the recipe- measure every single ingredients-then cook as the instruction. C laugh when he knows this. Malay cuisine usually need to ‘campak2’ only.. my mom told me so. So right now, i still in process of learning to do that haha.. and ‘berguru’ with mom (she’s a great cook!) and maybe from C’s mom (later). the ‘experimental rat’ of course would be C! haha poor him~~ blek pdn muke~~

so for now.. this three things i wish i can learn in 2years.. my so called life planning haha. wish me luck!