i know my life clock ticking.. and i never know when its will be stopping.
i just thinking about myself lately.. the person i became

and i thought

i became a bored-old-person haha i think intern make me old haha

i slept early- well i used to sleep late. you know school-assignments stuff. but when u’re working.. past 10 just make you death. haha if i don’t sleep by 10 i just not gonna make it for tomorrow haha

i need to wake up early – of course, sleep early wake up early.. get prepared early. yada yada yada… or i will get stuck with 1hour traffic jam then i toasted!

i don’t sew much- i don’t sew back to home. i want to but work just dried me out. haih~~ and weekend, i might sew or not.. weekend always for family or C.

i don’t craft much- same reasons as above

i don’t call/msg/meet C much- i’m working, he’s working. i’m on the day, he’s on the night. i’m hols on weekend, he’s hols on friday and saturday. how lame is that ish ish ish. i grateful of course, he actually has a work. (still fingercross for better ngee). but we working it out hehe

i don’t lepaking / karaoke-ing with my clicks- yup, i know i’m lame. and i know how they also think i am haha. i just have a few bad moments and adjusting with myself. last 2weeks, i busy preparing for the Bazaar. so this month, i want to make up with them. a few cup of coffees wouldn’t hurt aite? so people! i’m coming to claim my precious young age! and for all my friends.. enkobian(ade ke lagi? haha), dynat, anne and the petoms, ira n her bro, mya and qilah and others. i miss you all ngee

although i enjoy my internship at MMC so much. (yeah, i have fun) but i guess i want re-adjust my life so i can fully live my age oke! before its too late