i ignore the blog. again

not unusual though hehe

i start to read twilight again last month.. for the sake of NO MORE books to read (in my collections of course).

the truth is, i like reading it but not loving it much.. its too lovey dovey for me.. but feeling it for awhile is good hehe just not my type of genres.

nevertheless, after finished reading it. i crave for more.. more of edward cullen and jacob black haha (somehow i like him being a werewolves)

so i start reading NEW MOON… in EBOOK version. called me crazy.. but i finished within a day! and i start reading BREAKING DAWN in Ebook through my Cookie Phone! haha another 100 pages left and i switch to my lappy.

i should start ECLIPSE afterward hahaha

people do say to me once, ” you must be fast reader”.

i guess i am haha

ps: saje je nk ade post baru haha