long time no updates and too much to tell about ngee so to make sure i cover up every parts, i give just some overviews oke? oke je la kn haha

  • Alhamdulillah, my fabric label business surprising went well and supportive. thanks for all your supports and keep promoting my items! 🙂 i can’t make it without you all. i’m so sorry if my label not satisfied you all and i still in learning curve in this area. all your feedback will help me and i welcome it.
  • i have to take a break from making  label as my supplies run out. my supplier still didn’t contact me for my order though. so i’ll announce again when i start making one.
  • one of my customer almost lost her parcel . she told me last month she didn’t get the parcel (cecilia organizer) and heck! i’m so worried. i called pos malaysia.. they investigated and a week later, finally it safely arrived to her. phew~~ ~
  • enjoying 2months at TMTC and another 2months left! i know i don’t craft much, as long as i’m enjoying making it rather than feeling like push to make it, anything will work just fine:P
  • buying more supplies and fabrics. still need to figure when i’ll be using it haha my fabrics just pile up at the corner of my room waiting for me to use them haish~
  • i still have orders from close friends for now. ngee it keeps me busy for weekend haha
  • here some pixies what i’ve been crafting for past weeks ngeee

a) laptop sleeve- this is my 2nd attempt making it and i successfully done it! yeh! except… i make the measurement wrong haha i make it 13″ rather than 14″ haha so i gave to Jia. it fits hers welldj

b) order from kak yati. a wrislet. she already brags around office haha and she ordered another one and i still not finish with it haha4

c) neck pillow for my car- I need to beautify my WII more.. i should make more pillow and decorations haha

d) i don’t what its called but i make so i can hang around my internship card

e) alteration my fav t-shirts! gifts from C ngee he bought for me when he stayed at bintulu. he don’t know my size so die agak2 aje ngee so i alter it to make it fit me! yeah! (the lower one is the one he designed himself)

f) my attempt in making my own short/boxer- yeah i know its bad. i trace from my fav short.. i need to practise more. i make an underwear too! but i think inappropriate to show off haha just imagine the same as the boxer except sexier haha

weee before its too late..

Happy Ramadhan everyone! jangan ponteng2 oke~~~

next trial project: baju kurung haha