cough* *cough*
*sneeze* *sneeze*

yeh, i felt awful for days.. i got flu and MC for 2days so i have holiday for 5days since saturday haha.. but not H1n1.. phew~~

today, i still feel a bit sneezy and still coughing but i’m better now. ngee i should wear mask, didn’t i? haha

speaking of mask.. i make my own version of mask ngee (pdhl ni yg nk cte sbnrnye). i bought 3m which look like a cup.. and make my mouth sweat.. so i hate it! there are some cool mask that i saw when i ‘go jalan2’ and obviously handmade (assumpstion as i don’t know where the bought it) haha so i want to make one myself…

make from my scraps.. too flowery kn? haha one i made for kak yati.. ngee but i still didn’t wear it at office. i wore it once to clinic and few eyes looking at me like i’m weird.. haha maybe flowery is too obvious.. whatever :p

MC 2days. i slept mostly the whole day.. as doctor give me very sedative pills. but on the night i can’t sleep.. and the pill doesn’t help much (byk sgt tdo) so i start sewing to make me feel sleepy.. haha you can guess la kn.. haha

nk show off sket~~
i make this pencil case for my mom as she’s already worn out. ngee she still using the 1st hand sewn pencil case i made for her.. aren’t she lovely:)

for mom too! she requesting a pillow to put on her chair.. ngee i measure the pillow wrong but she likes it. that what counts:)

wallet requested by sheela’s sister and she chose the fabrics. all of mescha wallets currently sold out!. will be making more later.

wrislet requested by one of my customer. as my wrislet already out of stock.

wrislet requested by kak yati again. this time she wants partition so she can put her new samsung jet with her nokia and avoid scratches.

oh! and big thanks to C for this lovely crocs malindi salmon. i craved for this for looong time! i was surprised he wants to belanja haha 🙂