wee! i sooo excited this week! C’s sis just having a baby 2 days ago! weee and its a girl! a healthy 3.3kg baby girl! wee i’m in baby mood right now so i’m just so happy haha i still don’t go see the baby yet haha i’m looking forward for weekend to go C’s home.. and i forget to ask C the baby name haha so i just call baby la ek

tapi…. i still don’t prepare the baby’s present…i have lot of things wandering on my mind and i hope this weekend i could start off. (hadiah lmbt sket bg hahaha anggap cm raya gift la haha)

i want to make a whole set of baby gift! the bag, the blanket, the pouch and more! i will try to make the baby booties if i could ahaha

although its C’s niece but i’m happy too! haha lantak la nk gk perasan anak sedara sendiri hahahha