Wee i’ve met C’s niece! her name is Izz Qistina Alisha! chomey dak name die? ngee i call her baby icha! yesterday, we also celebrate C’s dad birthday! so tuh yg dpt jumpe baby icha. i forgot about the birthday.. so i don’t prepare any cakes or presents ngehehe okela tlg2 celebrate hee.. i didn’t bring my phone yesterday.. so i can’t snap baby icha pixies~~ huk huk sedey.. nnt2 la hee itu pon kalo pak ngah die bg.. hehehe

this week, my activities full with berbuka dgn my friends and clicks ngee mom got busy with class and company berbuka. so i fill my days planning to berbuka with different friends haha

saturday – with my dear C. pakse die teman g sunway pyramid tuk shopping haha have wendy’s and 3 dresses for Raya. (belom abes shopping lg neh)

monday – with my bro, judin and dad ngee mom not home but she prepared the food earlier (hebat kn my mom?) and we bought sate, murtabak, kuih lopes at putrajaya bazaar ramadhan. ngee

tuesday – with my long lost friend anne! we’re best friend during mrsm..tp somehow we both llost connection for 3years! this year dpt jumpe anne dh.. ngeee besh besh makan manhattan fish market.. walaupon mhl sket haha worth for trying!

wednesday -with petoms! anne, doory, mili, yani, emi and erol. celebrate emi birthday at subways and watch up!. thanks to them for teman2 me berbuka for this ramadhan ngeee next week seoul garden oke! (hrp2 anne present rabu). oh i slept at anne’s room a night before.. ngee

thursday -with mas and sheela at ikea!! i’ve been missing them.. they are my booth partner. this nov, i planning to open booth at pipit market with them, finally! tak sangka ikea nye buffet murah dan sedap. rm16.70 je and all you can eat! the food biasa je tp sedap! my fav : kerabu kepah, ayam golek (kot), mango pudding and ice cream!.

friday- with C and his family at their home ngee we have KFC and cakes! and lot of kuih muih. dapat jumpa baby icha yg chumil! dh rindu dh:P (macam la anak sedara sendiri kn? perasan!)

so random pixies!




the most right image nk tunjuk skin semakin kuruih. dem!. sheela xmo amek pix. huh!


belah kiri tuh pix the week before punya buka ngee.. me trying to mock as kevin the bird haha


wallet ordered by rachel. finished last weekend. cantik tk?