we, my family has this ritual raya going on for the past few years.

a day before raya : do all the kemas2 stuff, get rooms clean, mom getting busy with preparing rendang, kuah kacang, ketupat and all that, dividing jobs equally – clean the windows, decorations, potong rumput. oh! and i make cakes and cookies for raya (mira do the choco chip)

day 1: morning do raya prayers (i’ve been missing this for years haha). usually dad and judin go. this year, at masjid besi (ah.. i wish i should come). help mom preparing foods for all the makan2 after prayers. then get prepared! ironing clothes, berebut mandi, berebut cermin and solek2. after prayers- we salam2 to each other and waiting for duit raya from my dad! haha then we all eating together, shares more loves and jokes. later, we all whooshing to granma’s house which ‘setapak’ from the house haha she stay at setapak, kl ngee (u get the joke aite?) then again, makan2 at granma and usually satay is the entree. salam2 with makcik, pakcik, cousins yang ada and we’re lucky if we get duit raya. we usually aren’t get any with all the bla bla bla reasons. then, by noon. we off. haha

but fortunately, this raya a bit different – only on the first day though haha

C and his family raya-ing here too! the didn’t go back to kampung as C’s sis just born the baby few days before raya ( i did have a post on this). so after going to granma, i packed all the food and cupcakes to his home. ngee we wore the same theme, turquoise (the baju melayu he wore during his sis receptions). not really a plan, but i just guess he will wear the color, so i bought it just in case. on 1st 30min, i go gaga-ing with baby icha! and the have the jokes and talk with the family. then photo snapping! ngee i have the photo with the baby icha  (feel like a mom for a sec. erk too early!) then with C, then with the family (haha ni segan sket, sbb rs cm perasan sgt!)

then, C going raya to my home! haha as we’re the family not really celebrating. we just celebrate in our own way actually. so C just hanging out in the house haha, we played cards.. jia teach us this kind of poker game which i don’t really know before so we’re kind of hooking up with it for the moment. mom tried to teach her way of playing poker (she does knows lots yeh) but we don’t like it very much. so we just play jia’s ‘poker kampung’. then  toward afternoon, mom giving all the kerepeks for we all to eat while playing poker. that’s was fun.. family bonding haha

on the night, we all go to alamanda haha but most store already closed by then. raya perhaps. we whooshing to old town cyberjaya after a few failing attempts to find mamak stall (they’re closed!). we have snow ices, some iced chocolates and coffees and more pokers! haha (no money involves here, don’t worry k!).

day 2: woke up early at 9am. we’re planning to Pavilions!! haha yes we have shopping mall on our 2nd and 3rd raya every year. i told ya, its a routine haha we watch G-force on 12 with mardhiah too! oh my! she’s slimming down! way to go healthy figure! then we off shopping!!!! abeskan segala duit shopping haha you don’t want to know what i’ve been buying haha mostly, more tops. and we have madam kwan! and we actually met her. ngee that’s a blast.

day 3: we go to mid valley! haha yes another raya ritual ngee have some more shopping. by this day, i have no more money left actually haha just some few to spend. haha i bought shades, and some fabrics at kamdar. (haha i does spend my money on fabrics more than clothes! aiyaya) and we have baskin robbin.

day 4: just staying home as mom already off to work.

i guess, my raya only begun when i go raya to my friends or open house. so friends! pls do call me for any open house k! i love to come! book me a date!! ngee

and before too late




have fun raya oke!


more pixies and stories to come!