When you almost finishing your years at college, there are certain phase you need to face for you to achieve your scroll of graduations. you have to finish up all your subjects related to your course. you need to intern so you have background on what is happening in work world. and before you reach that happy moment…

go upstage in front of thousand persons
your parent so proud sitting as close as they can to the stage
waiting for your name to be called and holding that precious scroll

you need to embrace final year project to put the test of what have you learn all the years.

so right now, i’m living on the ‘phase’. after choosing the topic that i think and believe is right for my path of future *scoff* i’m busy like hell!! for now, i don’t want to talk much about what topic i choose. i leave it for secrecy until i successfully done.

what i could say is, i’ll busy until i finish the ‘phase’. my mind still juggling if i have time to sew but i’ll try. sewing is the only thing can make me sane to live the moment apart from C and my dear friends.

so all, i’ll leaving this blog with dust and see you when i see you!

bye then:)