bucket list is when you listing all your list you want and wish to do in certain time; before age 30 for example.

as i approaching end of my year of university and soon to expose in new experience – working and be independence, i think it wise to list all the things i want to do so i have a focus and references on my future, or at least inspire me to reach the wishes. okay here the list:

My bucket list before I reach 35:

1) well-establish WBL in malaysia, at least.

2) Buy my own house with fully furnished and designed.

3) Buy a car using my own money.

4) Bungee jumping, skydiving, skiing, cliff diving, and everything adventurous in it

5) working abroad and hopefully residing there too!*pray*

6) opening WBL craft shop and supplies- *pray*

7) designing my own fabrics, sewing pattern, web and shop- i have this desire for quite sometime

8) climb mount kinabalu. the highest mountain in malaysia- so why not?

9) travelling abroad – around Asia, at least haha. Japan, Bandung, Singapore, Phuket, and the list go on

10) Buy a serger machine and industrial sewing machine

11) Making my own clothes, refashion and sort. – if i could i want to fill my wardrobe with my own making clothes!

12) expert in cooking and baking. ok to be honest – i don’t cook well. haha

13) getting married and have childrens :ehem:

14) Riding superbike – I don’t usually riding bike except jd pembonceng naik moto C. so I excited if i able to ride superbike my own! ahaha

15) taking interior design course – have been my dream since child. i regrettable letting this opportunity gone before. tsk.

16) having a house near to beach or at least spacious outside so i can do my own gardening and having a housetree!

17) living at Sarawak. – I always love Sarawak and i’m not sure why. never been there actually hhahaha

I think the list quite enough for now. will add it up if I figure more. so wish me a BIG luck and pray for me:)