I don’t know I just don’t feel enjoying myself.. especially being student in this last sem. maybe because of that, busy with tests, classes and the most important project.. just make me feel down.. this is my 2nd part of project. the 1st part comes out ok.. and I should step up this sem.. to prove to my SV that I working hard. but to be honest.. for myself.. I don’t think I’m trying hard… maybe not too hard. haih~~~

I don’t know why but I feel lost interest to continue with my project.. I don’t feel the passion anymore..

and this probably just some random blurt due to pressure or sort. I just wish I can fast forward till end of sem.. so I don’t feel like this.

the only moment i feel like i’m alive when I sewing and i spend my time with my loved one. it just make me feel time stop at the moment, but not really.

Okay here my mumbling about my days and I’m try to boost up my motivations so i don’t fail myself, my teammates, SV and my family.

so i promise myself, starting today I should devote myself and work hard for my project. only 2months left anyway. i would be like a blink of eye right?

btw, i haven’t done my assigned job for this week or for 2weeks actually. one of reason of this nonsense post. cause I feel useless haha

oke now.

cheer me up if you can:) pretty pls