I am too busy to even post anything up in the blog haha here the list why i am so busy lately:

1) fyp due is approaching very soon! Everything need to be critically done ASAP!!!
2) my games almost done but haven’t turn into touch yet
3) database converting is much easier when i can grab the concept. Haih after weeks of trying
4) i have many sewing orders that currently not done! Adoyai! Sian my customer tggu lame2. Tbe2 byk keje lak haih
5) printer rosak!! Wuu xdpt nk print label which means tkde duit belanje haih dad tlg belikn printer br pls~~~~
6) thesis yg masih dh proses drafting. 100pages nk buat ni damn!!!
7) i have test on next monday and next next thursday. Then lab on next thursday
8) evaluation n testing to kindergarden kids next next week haih
9) thesis due on 14 apr
10) presentation start on 24 apr
11) muet writing test on 24 apr too!
12) exam finale on 4th & 6th may
13) muet speaking test 3-5 may or 10-12may

Okay i might lose my sanity soon. Pray for me kay