hey there!

I seem to forgot to write about 4th wonderful market I’ve joined. haha So here the story!

I start my sewing straight after few days my exam ended.. finishing all orders and preparing for 4th pipit wonder market.. and it was fun!!

This time the market was conducted at Central Market aka Pasar Seni. I never able to join the 3rd one so I’m not sure about the crowd. I praying for good. I make a few preparation.. only 4 cecilia organizers and 6 marie clutches. Then I just displayed some samples for felicia organizer, mescha wallet, laptop sleeve, travel bag and pouches I’ve made, So they can order from me right away. Dynat from PD boutique suppose to join me that day but due to unavoidable reason, she back out last minute. So Chello help me for that day.. well he has to help me either dynat there or not haha.. So we able to set up a few minute before 12pm.. crowd are flooding like crazy….the crowd was massive but due to limited space.. they need to pack among themselves. I don’t even have time to sit and have lunch! haha they just keep coming~~~ they all so lovely.. and I have so much fun explaining.. promoting and tell about wbl products! 4 of my clutches sold out that day! and I received a few orders.. hee I always love Pipit wonderful market.. thanks to mike!! heee

p/s:oh myra from myranesque come that day! so good of her! (she also come to take her label from me hee) I thought she would join but she busy with her college stuff.. and to my surprise! she brought me a gift! a very nice new design tote bag!!! thanks a bunch sweetie! I wore it every time i go out tau! heee just love..

pictures credit to myranesque

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