hi all! been quite sometime from updating this blog. some fast update!


1) alhamdulillah it been 1 year since i worked 🙂
2) been in tough early this year but alhamdulillah everything seems okay
3) I’m engaged and will getting marry soon, insyaALLAH. 🙂

so basically i’m super busy with the wedding preparation apart from work. if you keen to know on my wedding update, do visit my tumblr

other than that, i celebrated Raya as usual with my family but this will be last raya as single woman. kind of having weird feeling haha so I want to wish all of you SELAMAT HARI RAYA!!! i am truly apologizing for any misinformation, wrong impression, hurtful saying, or any way my behavior inflict any of you. I hope i will become better person and improve myself. Maaf zahir and batin. Halalkan makan dan minum ku 🙂

thank you!