I am back to sewing!! Woohoo and i feel happy. I’ve been juggling with motherhood for almost 2 years. Focusing most of it to my little baby irfan which is not so baby anymore. He will be 2years old this coming september! Wow he is growing up so fast and becoming independant toddler. Make mama wanna cry now T_T. Me and epul figure out we both need our own ‘me’ time and ‘we’ time. Epul start his cycling hobby which is his hobby once upon a time. I agree he should have something to do..and he agrees i can have more time indulge my time with sewing!

Irfan already talk few words and he understand many things nowdays. I keep amazed how wonderful boy he has become and amazed how i can love and love this little man. He looks so much like epul but he is so me in many ways. I hope i do this motherhood thingy right haha

So cheeky this little man..

Back to my sewing story.i still do sew so small stuff and mostly irfan’s like his short pants, pillow cover, blanket, hat, small pouch and else. I keep looking at my stash..and O.M.G! I keep pilling up and nothing productive come out. Even my sewing area become dust.


Yeh..this is only half of my collectionT_T

So i slowly crawl to my sewing machine that i ignored for so long..start sewing.. small things..not too complicated.. here some sewing stuffs i’ve made lately that i remembered to take picture…

Right now,i have few custom orders from my friends. Not taking too much custom orders as i only have limited time. I start making readystocks…like hats, blanket, etc.. i put most of it in my instagram.feel free to follow me @sikurus . I am figure out to fire up my etsy shop back. Let’s see how it goes hehe so wish me luck! Maybe i should
writing in this blog again haha we shall see..

See u again