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Irfan drink his milk quite a lot. I need to supply him 3-4oz per milk session when my MIL taking care of him which means 16-20oz daily. As he reach 6 months old and my milk supply start decreasing (blame on work and inconsistency pumping) , milk alone is not enough to sustain his hunger anymore. So i start giving him solid feeding and formula milk. To tell the truth, i feel so sad when i have to give him formula as I really wish I could continue fully breastfeeding until irfan reached 1 year old (at least) but looking him getting thinner make my mother feeling sadder. Hence, i put my ego and believe i could still breastfeeding and perhaps one day fully breastfeeding. at least I tried my best and continue breastfeeding:).

we consulted Irfan’s pediatrician as he has eczema and possible allergy toward cow’s milk (i just know that i have the same allergy when i was less than 1 years old) on what kind of fm will be suitable for him. so doctor recommend few types of fm that we can try

a) Hypoallergy (HA) milk – only 2 brands available (Enfalac, Nan Pro)
b) soymilk – few brands isomil, similac, etc

So we tried Nan Pro HA for few days. He drank for first day and refuse on next day. Finally, we found that irfan like goat’s milk better so we gladly change to goat’s milk with below consideration

a) goat’s milk are sweeter than cow’s milk
b) goat’s milk is 2nd best choice after mum’s milk
c) one of sunnah food
d) low lactose intolerance compare to cow’s milk
e) most importantly, low effect on irfan’s allergy

we used Karrihome brand and alhamdulillah it works wonder for us:)

as for now, i still keep milk supply for him and goat’s milk will be addition on insufficient milk during his stay at MIL.:)