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alhamdulillah, i feel i am one of lucky mom when irfan have no difficulty in food. its been almost 1 month since i start solid feeding and i can say irfan eats everything i gave him! boy! he is one hungry boy:)

I google and buy book on recipe for reference as i have no idea on what/how to give solid feeding. I found these website very helpful!


and because i am super excited mom, i bought this book

his first puree is apple. his first expression looks weird, maybe try to adjust with new skills then he finish up his puree! yey my good boy! i do sometime follow 4days wait rules as irfan has allergy but alhamdulillah no sign of allergy except during i gave him store bought cereal last week. it seems the cereal has cow’s milk and irfan allergic to that. so its means irfan just eat mama’s cooking! haha

some of food i tried on irfan:

apple – not his liking but he loves if i mix with other fruits like pears/banana
pear – he loves this very much especially fragrance pear
mango – he like it but not the sour
grapes – he loves it if we put in his food feeder

potato – his favorite
carrot – his favorite
broccoli – ok if mix with carrot, not alone
pumpkin – he like it but pumpkin seems to be gassy for him

i also gave him rusk biscuit (heinz/milna), finger biscuit (heinz/pureen), bottle puree (heinz). he loves if he can hold his food, so i gave hime most of biscuit and some fruits in his food feeder

yeah i am pretty excited mom actually handling this solid feeding