Irfan is now 2 years old and he reach the stage where he is very active and eager to learn new things. most of the time i just let he plays with toys he has around but he is getting easily bored. some of the time i let him watch his favorite movies or youtube cartoons. lately he start to get attached with watching cartoons on laptop and tv and i feel that i should do something to encourage him to learn.

so i been browsing around looking for activities suitable for 2years old and i found is one of most resourceful website on kids activities. Here some of activities that i been interested to give irfan a try:


1)  spray paints

irfan love playing with spray bottle that we usually used during ironing. adding colors will be added the fun!


2)colored glue collage

glue and collage! this could be fun! thinking that natural starch glue could work too. *searching for recipe*


3) imagination bowl using sand

i did purchase kinetic sand long ago and i will put him in large pool at outside so he can do all the mess! hehe that make me easier to clean it up. this is very good alternatives for whom that might be worry that your kids will eating the sand.. they just used some box of any baby cereal! that is genius!

4) food necklace

eeek! this make me excited because irfan have issue eating his fruits and vege and i’ve been trying pursue eating them. this could be one of way to encourage him and make him think the grapes is fun for play and eat! need to hit the store to buy more fruits!

5) pre-writing using playdough


irfan now can count 1-10 but he still mess up his A-B-C. so this could help him remember and write alphabets. you can also do your own playdough from flour and water too.

6) learning how to measure

i never thought measure could be so much fun! and irfan have so many cars collections, it will be fun for him to measure his own cars! they also share other ideas using measuring cup.

i will share some picture when i successfully play all the activities with irfan later on. let me know and share pictures if you did some of the activities too! and i would love your activity ideas too!do share:)